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 This folder will help you sonically intervene in your own day-to-day existence by prompting a reconsideration of the nature of the computational objects with which you interact most frequently. If you own a Mac and an iPhone, this tutorial will walk you through the process of replacing the pleasant Apple alert tones with sounds that suggest the assembled nature of these devices.

List of Tones

Tone 01

Filename: chipfactory-silicafracking-and-gulls

Layered sounds: Computer chip factory, silica sand mining using fracking in western Wisconsin, trains carrying the sand mined for silica from the mine to the processing facility, calls of gulls whose habitats have been impacted by the silica sand mining. 

Notes: Silica sand is processed and turned into silicon for computer chips. 


Tone 02

Filename: lithiumpolymerbatteryprod-LiMining

Layered sounds: Lithium polymer battery production factory, lithium mines in Bolivia

Notes: Laptop computers are often powered by lithium polymer batteries. A sizable portion of lithium comes from the salt flats of Bolivia.


Tone 03

Filename: bauxite-truck-endangered-bird

Layered sounds: Bauxite mine and sounds of the trucks transporting it, Red Goshawk call

Notes: Apple’s MacBooks have aluminum unibodies. Aluminum is made from bauxite. Bauxite is mined primarily in parts of Guinea and Jamaica, disturbing and changing the habitats of endangered animals, including the Red Goshawk. 


Tone 04

Filename: rareearths-datacenter-cloudz

Layered sounds: Rare earth mine, data center server racks and fans

Notes: Rare earth minerals are central to the production of all our digital devices, comprising much of the electronic guts of our smartphones, computers, and other electronics, including the server farms to which we fondly refer as “the cloud.”

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