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lines on paper



Lines on Paper


By Nick G Liadis


A line on paper 

is always in a state 

of becoming.


It traces a line of thought

An urgent walk down the sidewalk

Tufts of fresh cirrus clouds 

The path of swallows over a pond


Complex patterns 

And sometimes 

Only itself.


It is a contour of a face

But also of the hill that meets the ocean 

And of forms known 

Or unknown: future.


It is an idea. 


It implies a world beyond.

Even beyond the boundaries of the paper.


A line on paper

constantly adapts, records, delineates.


It transitioning from 

Straight to irregular

Broken to continuous 

Faint to intense,

And has the potential 

To shift 

In any direction. 


Indicating a decisive point in the lineage


A shift moves towards new possibility


Without concealing what had been drawn previously



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